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Motivational Speaker

Want To Learn The Two Keys To Success? Hear It From The Man, Mark Hanna, Himself!

The chest-thumping, humming, martini-drinking Mark Hanna from the Wolf of Wall Street is truly an unforgettable character. From doling out valuable advice that made young salesmen on Wall Street incredibly rich to working hard and playing hard, this insightful stockbroker inspired countless others to always keep the client on the Ferris wheel.

As the man who inspired Belfort to become the Wolf of Wall Street, Hanna’s mentorship played a vital role in the iconic events that unfolded. The depiction may have been one for the ages, but how much of it is simply fugazy?

Does the key to success really lie in staying relaxed and getting high? Let’s hear it from the man himself. The real Mark Hanna rose to fame after Matthew McConaughey’s portrayal of him in 2013’s Wolf of Wall Street. The legendary stockbroker and salesman’s life is filled with adventure and excitement, and he’s sharing everything he’s learned with thousands of students across the world.

As a motivational speaker, Mark Hanna’s natural storytelling abilities take his listeners on a journey through the many ups and downs he’s lived through—and what he’s learned from them.  His inspiring lectures range from spiritual discipline and personality development to consultations with big players in the real estate and business worlds.

The story of Hanna’s spectacular rise, and eventual fall, in the financial world, laced in with his charismatic personality, makes him a widely sought-after motivational speaker. Over the span of his vibrant career, he’s imparted his wisdom to sales managers, business development experts, c-level executives, directors, and entrepreneurs.

Working with these professionals, Mark Hanna shares what he’s learned to be the secret to success throughout his career. And, unsurprisingly, it’s more than just the wazy, woozy, fairy dust that McConaughey claims will move money from the client’s pocket to yours.

Learn the secrets to success with the man who’s been through it all—hire a motivational speaker for on-site and online workshops to inspire, advise, and train for business success. 


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