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Unlock Business Success With A Sales Maverick Who’s Seen It All

What is the key to success? For the Wolf of Wall Street’s Mark Hanna (portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in all his colorful, charismatic glory), it’s money chants, a steady flow of martinis, and putting meat on the table.

The influential stockbroker’s number rule of Wall Street is simple. No one knows how the stock is going to go—whether it’s up, down, sideways, or in circles. Amidst all this fugaazy, the movie’s depiction of Mark Hanna claims the secret to earning millions of dollars and becoming a Wall Street success is to get one brilliant idea after the other.

The real Mark Hanna, who McConaughey’s character was based on, helps you look deeper into what it takes to succeed in the world of business. The iconic stockbroker and salesman of his time, Hanna is still known today for his incredible insights and undeniable charm. Once a maverick of the Wall Street, the charming former stockbroker has rebuilt his career as a marketing and business consultant.

With a refreshing, no B.S. take on what it takes to be a successful salesman, how to build an organization, how to close deals, and what you need to do to generate leads, Mark Hanna is a popular choice amongst businesses in all industries.

Over the course of his career offering online business consulting services, Mark Hanna has offered business counseling techniques, online training, and focused on the philosophy of disciplines that prepare you for business success. Speaking to thousands of followers and students—first as a leading stockbroker on Wall Street and now as a business consultant—he has valuable insight to offer.

Sure, Mark Hanna’s life isn’t as erratic, outrageous, and unforgettably iconic as depicted in the movie, but he’s got years of experience that speaks for itself. With a flair for storytelling and a lifetime of experiences, Mark Hanna can train leaders, marketing experts, and sales teams for success for any organization across the world.  

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