Book a Dinner

Book a 1-On-1 Dinner With "The" Real Wolf of Wall Street

You know him, you love him, now you can dine with him! He was the outrageous and brilliant legend portrayed by Matthew McConaughey in the Wolf of Wall Street. Now experience it with the man himself.

Speak to the sales legend and learn the skills and techniques that led Mark to become one of the leading stockbrokers and successful deal-makers of his generation.

Join Mark in one of New York City’s top restaurants for a recreation of the film’s legendary 1-on-1 dining scene, where you’ll gain an entertaining first hand experience into Mark’s unique story, successes, & infamous downfall.

What You’ll Get

What you will get for $1,495:
  • A 1-on-1 session with a real wolf of wall street
  • Insight into Mark’s unique sales analysis techniques 
  • Lunch, dinner or cocktails at one of NYC’s top restaurants
  • Automatic membership into Mark’s Global Marketing & Sales Network

* Each additional person is $500


About Mark

Mark Hanna was a legendary broker and salesman at the most famous (and most infamous) firms on Wall Street in the 80’s and 90’s.   

Still known today for his prolific insights and instantaneous charm, Mark is and was part wild man, part sales-maverick, and by all accounts one of the greatest storytellers the world has ever seen.

Over the course of his 20-year career, Mark has made over $100 million and has taught hundreds of people how to successfully make sales and close deals. 


Mark’s insight and lessons are brilliant, unique, highly entertaining, and practical. 

Let him guide you onto the path of winners, and leave behind your old life.

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