About Mark

About Mark Hanna


Made famous by Matthew McConaughey's portrayal in The Wolf of Wall Street, the real Mark Hanna was a legendary broker and salesman at the most famous (and most infamous) firms on Wall Street in the 80’s and 90’s.  

Still known today for his prolific insights and instantaneous charm, Mark is and was part wildman, part sales-maverick, and by all accounts one of the greatest storytellers the world has ever seen.

The Wolf of Wall Street

"The King of Closers" "Master Salesman" "One of the Most Outrageous Characters in film history" "Speaker and Writer" "Private for the last 40 years now going public" "Brilliant" "Genius" "Hilariously Funny"

The wolf of wall street said Mark Hanna was smooth as silk, best salesman anyone had ever heard.

Rise to the Top.

Upon graduating from St John's with his MBA in Finance, Mark interned and worked in some of the most famous brokerage houses in the world, including Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, LF Rothschild, Drexel Burnham and more.

In 1986, in his very first year as a stockbroker, Mark earned over $1,000,000 in commissions, breaking every firm record for a first-yearbroker.

Shortly thereafter, Mark was named "Broker of the Year" and was promoted to Senior Vice President of LF Rothschild.

In 1988, Mark was approached by Drexel Burnham to take over as Senior Vice President, where he helped more companies raise more capital and trained even more brokers on how to close deals. The signing bonus was rumored to be several hundred thousand dollars.

In 1990, Mark partnered with Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street) to open the infamous Stratton Oakmont, in which they grew the firm from 30 to well over 500 personnel in just a few short years.

In 1993, Mark started The Harriman Group, a small boutique brokerage hosue with 40 employees. By 1995, they grew to over 250 employees and took over a dozen companies public.

Overall, Mark has helped raise over $250M in capital, hired and trained hundreds of successful salespeople and earned over $50M in commissions and profits.


Third Act.

Released in 2006, Mark began to rebuild his life and his fortune, consulting on some high-level business and real-estate deals throughout the 2000's.

Today, Mark trains sales teams and leaders all over the world in intensive on-site workshops and speaking events.

He also speaks openly about his meteoric rise and fall in the financial world and weaves his NO-BS sales approach and cautionary tales with humor, wit and of course his trademark charm.

Due to his vibrant, natural story-telling abilities, today Mark is recognized as one of the most sought-after and charismatic characters on the speaking and book-writing circuit.

In addition to speaking and writing, Mark’s company also conducts On-site Workshops for sales managers, directors and support teams.

Mark’s latest book is a must-read for anyone who favors a performance-based career over the rank-and-file. Whether that be entrepreneurs, salespersons, business development, sales managers, directors and c-level executives.

Mark currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and spends his time reading, traveling, spending time with his children and grand-children and teaches exercises for the Body Mind and Spirit

As a teacher Mark touches on philosophy, psychology, spirituality a student of several disciplines including the teachings of Sri Chinmoy, Emmet Fox and Norman Vincent Peale. 

His lectures concerning physical mental and spiritual discipline concentrate on exercises, affirmations and denial mantras all to develop a superior personality and develop "Peak Performance" to help others understand the importance of "flow" states.